at the library

An afternoon waiting in the childrens room for big brothers while they tackle a project. There is plenty to keep us busy. I just need to let Issabelle know that your not suppose to climb on the books.

tumble time

We went to an open gym time recently and Harkin had a blast. He was doing all sorts of tricks and being just like his big brothers. Issabelle was able to crawl all around and just had fun. It is meant for ages 6 and under but the lady was so nice and let Landon join in as long as he stayed out of the way of the littles. He had a good time too. Will was at rock climbing. Harkin was asking all week when we are going back. I think this might become a regular thing while Will is rock climbing.  He (Harkin) loves calling it "tumble time".

leaf play

Just at home having fun in the leaves. I love how they all will still play together and genuinely have fun!

on top of the world

It seemed we were up there and felt it with the cold winds. A couple of weekends ago we did the whole touristy thing and drove our car to the top of MT. Mansfield over in Stowe.  Not the best choice on my part as it was the beginning of leaf peeping and the line was rather long to get to the top, but we made it. We got out and walked around a bit and did the whole picture thing. Then continued on our way. It was a Sunday drive that we probably could have done without but we have pictures at least. One day when it is not so crowded we will go back and actually do the hikes..

boys in the woods

The weather finally began to cool down the last week of September and we were able to get a few good nature walks in the woods before hunting season began. Now we will have to stay close to the house but they still all have a great time- running, climbing and being boys! As you can see William has conquered our pine tree while his two younger brothers stare up in awe and Mama trying not to have heart failure. Landon and Harkin are having fun collecting bits of nature.

sunday smiles

Her first ball of yarn!

BIG trucks 9-19-15

Two weekends ago while Daddy had to go to CT for the day I took the boys to a "touch a truck" day. We had never been to one, and although I had told the big boys it was for Harkin, they all really had a great time climbing up into the trucks, checking things out and honking horns. Issabelle even got into the action at the end.
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