Marble Maze

The day started with this:
and these funny faces,

then the serious work began......




rubber banding
until we ended the day with some awesome marble mazes.

Thanks Daddy and Grampy for a hard days work.

The fun of creating our own courses is great. Plus the satisfaction of building something all by ourselves is beyond words.

I found the idea in Family Fun magazine but it was adapted to our liking. We ended up with 100 squares, instead of their recommended 36.

It was a perfect activity for a very heavy rainy day!

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a very happy day! Hope it is spent with those whom you love.

backyard sightings

We saw the coolest thing this afternoon. As we were just hanging out relaxing after a day at the beach, two bobcats were playing in the backyard, or so we thought. They were really chasing their dinner. A little bunny that lived in the bush. The bobcats were about 15 feet away from us. And we probably could have gotten closer had Gritty not gotten a whiff of them.

At dinner tonight on William's grateful list was the fact that we saw bobocats!

Beachin" It

We have had a great time heading to the beach over the past week and a half. The boys love the water and have been snorkeling, boogie boarding and skim boarding. Their perseverance to keep on trying even after they are shivering is amazing to me.

Florida Happenings... Finally!

Well after several tries, I have finally been able to uploads files. I was wireless and it was just taking an enormous amount of time.

Our days have been busy. We have been having lots of fun adventures and very active days.

We played a bit of tennis. The boys were so into it. We played for over an hour. This was the first time on a court. It was wonderful!

Then one afternoon we did a little fishing. Landon was overjoyed to have his very own fishing pole(thanks Grampy).

Grampy took some time to explain everything and then it was off to try. I couldn't get over how well they both did casting.

It was hard to wait and we didn't catch anything- maybe next time. But we had fun!
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