a sunshine day

The boys' geology class took us on a little field trip to Fisk Quarry, "the oldest coral reef in the world" today. It was pretty neat to see all of the fossils and enjoy the tranquil beauty of it all. After a few hours of fun in the sun we were hot and wanting to cool off a bit. We went to the dunes, a state park, and spent the afternoon splashing in the water and building in the sand. A really terrific way to spend the day I think.


Stickers are such a fun thing around here. All the kids love them. Harkin sat one afternoon for about an hour making three sheets of stickers. Some of the ones he pulled out from our box had been in there since William was Harkin's age. It is a soothing thing pulling them off and then sticking them again. Issabelle loves it just as much. Today she put them in her and Harkin's hair. A very simple but wonderful activity.

a little afternoon fun

It was kinda a slow day today. Mama and Daddy were a bit tired. The little ones are keeping me up at night and Eric has just been working long hours. So we took it easy and had naps. However by late afternoon I realized we needed to get to the store for a few things for dinner and such. So we headed out a bit early and stopped at a playground for a few minutes of fun. Then headed home refreshed and ready for dinner. My baby is getting so big. She can go down the slide all by herself!

out for a ride

The big boys are taking a geology class that is near a pretty cool bike path. So after the class is done we wanted to spend a good amount of time on the path, riding bikes, rollerblading and skateboarding. It was a fun time, however, this particular day the temps were only in the high 30's, in May!!! We made it about and hour before everyone was tired and hungry. So we headed home to snuggle and relax- I think I even got a fire going. Crazy weather up here in Vermont.

on mothers day

Eric had planned a special day. We dressed up nice and went to brunch which everyone enjoyed and then we were to take a nice walk on the bike trail, however it was pouring rain. So we drove a bit and stopped to watch a glass blowing demonstration which was neat. We ended up home and snuggled for naps and ended with a yummy homemade dinner by dad, and boys. I received handmade chocolate dipped strawberries from William and Harkin, while Landon and Issabelle collaborated on a garden box(you know she told him where to hammer the nails).  It was a very nice day, thanks my sweet loves.

cinco de mayo

Landon participated in a two day workshop at the library where they designed and made pinatas.
He and two other children made the cactus. On a separate day they had the families for a traditional cinco de mayo lunch and then we got to watch as the kids tried so very hard to break open the pinatas. Even Issabelle and Harkin got in on the action.  It took lots of tries but finally they were broken and some good treats fell out. A bit of candy and little treasures, which everyone was happy with.
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