hospital photos and thoughts

Our visit was a quick one this time. We came home only 24 hours after Harkin was born- yeah! So with me being exhausted and the short amount of time we only took a few pictures at the hospital. Fine with me as there will be plenty more as the days go on.

The hospital was so different than what we were used to. It has only two floors, the top one being the birthing center. There were only about 20 rooms and only 3-4 were being used at any given time.  The hallways were quiet. I never felt like I was even at a hospital. The nurses left you be, unless you really needed them. They respected our wishes and didn't keep on asking us the same questions over and  over.  I was so happy they were fine with us leaving so quickly. In the past we have had to stay several days. I am much happier at home. Having this baby in an entirely new place, it helped that the hospital experience was a positive one. 

look who's here

Harkin Ford entered our lives Sunday evening. We are all safely home and excited to start our new adventure as a family of 5. (6 including Jax, who is so very curious about this new little bundle).

penguin crafts

Thanks to Alphabet Glue we made some cute penguin crafts this past week. We have been getting a ton of snow recently so it was a great cozy afternoon activity.

Sunday Smiles


Recently I got the chance to head to the mountain and watch the boys compete in a fun race. It was such a beautiful day! The boys had a great time and afterwards everyone got to get a cookie and lollipop. 

It made me missed being on the mountain with them terribly, but there is always next year. Maybe we'll even get the tiny babe on skies.

extreme sledding

The boys have named the hill and their sledding extreme due to the fact that the snow has turned to a sheet of ice and they can head down the mountain hill very fast. They do 360* even, in the sleds and have spent at least 2 hours out there every day this week.  I love the freedom they have to just be boys.

baby knits

This is my sweet baby's first knit and partial outfit for him to wear home from the hospital. A cozy hat with warm booties that were knit from this book. And the pebble vest that I seem to be seeing all over the place.
They were all so quick and easy to knit.

I have a huge list of sweaters that I am planning for this little one. Hoping to get more done this year than in the past, but we'll just see how it goes.

a dream

Here I am. 40 weeks pregnant.

I am anxious for him to come. Unsure of how things will be. Happy that he will be joining us hopefully this week. It doesn't seem real to me yet though. As if I was walking through a dream. 

How our normal will change. I wonder if I am really ready for this. I feel like I am a first time mom at times. I forget how the beginning days and nights were.  I know it will all fall into place just like it was meant to be.

I am forever thankful each night that I have been blessed with this amazing moment in my life. I am excited to see the boys and Eric interact with a tiny baby.

We are waiting and keep talking to him, telling him we are ready to meet him. He likes the cozy comfort of my belly. Just like his brothers he will make us wait a bit longer, but it will be so worth the wait.

I am ready to wake up from the dream and begin again.

the big show

 The boys had their performances of The Secret Garden. It was so awesome to watch them get up on stage and say lines and sing. This was a first for both of them and they did great memorizing their lines and learning songs. Will actually had a small solo. I was so impressed and proud of them for doing this.

They had a great time and met some new friends which is all I had wanted for them. A bonus was that Grammy and Grampy were able to be here to see it as well.


My two wanted to be "cake bosses" and each make a cake for Grammy. They had lots of fun and the cakes were so yummy. Coconut buttermilk wit the best frosting ever! It was such fun to celebrate Grammy's birthday with her. This was the first time we have had the chance to and the boys were thrilled.

kitchen mess

This is what my kitchen looked like yesterday afternoon when our water stopped working for about 5 hours. We were in the middle of making a big dinner with two desserts for Grammy's birthday and Valentine's  Day. I think we used every pot in the house. At some point I had to reuse one so I melted some snow from outside to wash up a bit. It was quite a comical scene but it all worked out in the end. Some days are just like that.

birthday blocks

Grammy's birthday was yesterday. The boys spent an afternoon creating a very special gift just for her. We took wooden blocks and adhered pictures and stickers to all sides. Then they used Modgepodge to give it a nice clear coat and to seal it.  They came out very cute. A very simple and quick gift!
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