waiting for the car

We had to get the car fixed earlier this month. While waiting we walked to the town green and hung out for a bit. The boys were off playing soccer while little miss had fun standing and posing for her mama. She was so proud of herself for standing up.

all in a day

A day jammed packed with adventuring, friends and goodness. 

First up was a zip lining trip with our good friends. Their mom even went which was a bit nerve racking for her. You can see by the little old men, they were contemplating how safe this whole adventure was. Everyone made it through and had a bit of fun.

Next was the corn maze, with five boys trying to lead us through. It was fun at first, then we got a bit lost, and the temps were rising, it was lunch time with no lunch so tempers kinda flared. We finally all agreed to let one person direct us out and we made it to all the stops without too many meltdowns. Everyone was glad to be done and devoured lunch and spent a bit of time on a playground. The second one of the day.

We made our way home for a short rest and then off to end the day with Will's soccer game. Issabelle was having a great time pushing the stroller around. She wants to walk so badly.

It was a tiring day and glad that the next day we were able to just be home for the better part of the day. Right now that is how our life is - packed with activities, but its all good.


While the big boys were rock climbing, Harkin, Issabelle and  I went fall raspberry picking. I never new there was such a thing. It was fun having Harkin run the show. He was pretty excited to be picking his own container and wouldn't let me help at all. It was a fun hour with my two little ones.

our homeschool group

This here is our group of friends whom get together regularly for fun, field trips and a once a month learning activity. They are a good group of kids and a bit silly, if you can't tell from the photos.

There are 5 families with 12 kids all together. Me having both the oldest and youngest of the group. It has taken us about 2 years to really get to know each other and feel totally comfortable. The kids know what to expect from one another and our goal this year is to have them really feed off one another in their learning activities.

Each month one mom leads the day and has the kids for about 3 hours. They work together to solve problems and accomplish tasks.  The 4 little ones don't participate but on the field trip days they get to come along.  This day we went to the Rokeby Museum  and learned all about the underground railroad and two slaves who had escaped to Vermont. Photos below.

One of my favorite photos. Issabelle is being doted on by the other girls while her big brother stays close by making sure she is all right.

The day went well, but it was HOT-90* so this little guy was overdone you could say.

sunday smiles

Not too happy!

rock climbing

The boys have decided to join a homeschoolers rock climbing group. They meet for two hours each week and will learn all the basics and participate in games, plus maybe even complete a ropes course. It all sounds awesome! They are loving the challenge of it all.

my happy girl


Our sweet girl is pretty easy going and usually pretty happy. She is pulling herself up on everything and has learned to climb the stairs. She follows her brothers wherever they go and really has such an amazing time with them. The best is when they make her laugh. She has the cutest belly laugh it is contagious.

where we're at

I seemed to have left blog land. Ever since our vacation when I had no laptop with me and was off line all week it was nice not sitting down at the computer and reading or waiting for pictures  to upload. Instead I read and knitted. A lot. And although I probably could leave the blogging world behind I know there are few people who rely on it to see how our lives are going and if I ever get to it I would love to print out a book for our permanent library.  So I shall continue but when I am feeling up to it.

The past week and a half has just flown by. We are still trying to get into the new rhythm of classes, soccer and our days at home. There is always an adjustment period and soon it will all flow together.

I of course, looked at the calendar and said "Hey, its labor day, what are we planning on studying this year?" "Do we need new curriculum?" Then had a bit of a two day freak out with late nights looking at all the stuff that can drive any homeschooler crazy. Which I finally came to my senses and remembered we have several library cards. There is always so many resources to find there and the fact that what we want to study are our interests. So I'm good for now. I have a somewhat plan of things we like and a few good books and we will take it from there.

On top of all that I have two busy little ones that keep me busy day and night. Things are good but can be a bit tiring for all of us. I'll keep posting about our activities and such as much as I can.

highlights from maine

We headed east just a few short hours. Issabelle does not like to be in her car seat too long. Of course this time she did decide to sleep most of the way. Anyways we had a fun week doing some pretty mellow activities- swimming, zip lining, gondola rides, bouncing, kayaking, mini-golf, disc-golf, tennis, ping pong, video games, driving , and lots of good eating.

It was our first family vacation in over two years and the first time traveling with 4 kids. We managed pretty well. It was nice to have Daddy all to ourselves. We miss him while he is at work. Today was his first day back and everyone was feeling a bit sad. We are starting to get into our new rhythm now that summer is drawing to a close- although we still may try to get in another day at the water.
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