halloween night


We headed into town for our trick or treating. The area businesses were handing out candy and then we went around one block. It was just enough.

Harkin wasn't sure at first. He thought we were just out for a walk, but then he caught on. However he just thought he was getting a prize in his little bag. No idea it was candy. Then Daddy slipped him an M&M, and oh what a delight. He had about three of those and that was plenty to make him a rowdy stay up late boy! We'll remember not to do that again.

Happy Halloween, hope everyone had a fun night. 

a halloween lunch

We had a few friends over today for a little lunch before the evenings excitement. There were mummy dogs, popcorn balls, and a good dosing of fruit. A fun and silly time was had by all.

pumpkin carving and decorating



Eric helped the boys with their pumpkins as usual. He had a little difficulty this year as they were so big it was hard to cut into them. But it finally managed to work.  Harkin just liked to watch and was busy decorating his pumpkin with markers.  A fun tradition of Halloween!!!

eating by candlelight

The boys wanted to light all their lanterns and eat dinner just by their light. As neat as it was it was rather hard to see our food. All was going well until Harkin spit something out at me. We needed lights as I was trying to see just how much food I had all over me.

Wishing everyone a fun Halloween!

pumpkin picking

We always kinda wait to the last minute to get our pumpkins. We have yet to find a place up here where you go out into the patch like we used to do in CT, but this way is actually quicker. It was a wet and dreary day when we went and the man who was selling them wanted to get rid of them. So he gave Harkin two for free and the boys' huge pumpkins were heavily discounted! So it all worked out.

apple turnovers

William and I made apple turnovers on Friday. We both love to try new recipes and I am currently in the middle of organizing all the one I have torn out of magazines.  These were OK. We both weren't too crazy about the filling. It had apples mixed with cream cheese, which was an interesting combination. Also William is particular about his crust. We used store bought pastry sheets, and he did not like them. He said he would have preferred to make his own pie crust.

He has it all planned out for next time. The crust, and all the ingredients he would use for the filling. He really loves to bake and I am trying my best to encourage this passion. This past week he baked 3 times. He would do it every day, but that is not always feasible.

saturday 10/25/14

An early morning alone back on the road. It had been so long since I went for a walk. It felt so good and made me feel alive. I need to get out there more and stop making excuses.

Then there was work to be done around the yard. We needed to take advantage of the nice weather.  Everyone felt refreshed after a hard days work, so we settled in for family movie night.

sunday smiles

Getting his soccer award.

the old spice drawer

Harkin has loved our spice drawer for awhile now. It amazes me how long he can play with all the jars. It was about an hour while I was cooking dinner that he would take them out, line them up on the counter, put them back in the drawer and then do it all over again. The boys didn't get the intrigue over the whole thing. I would love to know the workings of a toddlers mind. He was very proud that he could put them up on the counter himself.  How much he as grown since I last posted about the drawer.


* this week was a tough one, full of bickering, way too much yelling and overall yuckiness

* by night all I wanted to do was crawl in bed and fall into a deep sleep,  not that that happened. Harkin wakes often and usually with some sort of scream these days.

* soccer finally finished so now we can have our evenings back

* Harkin went from calling me mama to mommy- his little voice melts my heart

* rain, rain and more rain

* working hard on making a big breakfast for my growing boys so I can tame their hunger beasts

* love watching my boys get so excited over new books from our library trips

* played a new game with the boys "egyptians"

* had robotics class and horseback riding lessons

* baked corn muffins and apple turnovers with William

* love listening to the gentle sounds of Landon's guitar playing

* Harkin got his first toothbrush (we had been using a finger brush) and loves to do it himself, after mommy does it. 

* Harkin is 20 months old today!

* hoping for nicer weather this weekend and some calmness among our house

homeschool art: degas

This time we met we read this book about Degas and then every child had their own clay and created a sculpture of their own. It is so awesome to see all the different ideas each child has and see them all talking and working together.  The boys so look forward to this day. I am glad that we can make it happen.
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