Birds Of Prey

We went to a nature center for a class on Birds of Prey.
We were able to visit with two birds- a Red Tailed Hawk and a Great Horned Owl.
The birds are injured and would not be able to survive in the wild so they are used as teaching animals.

The boys really enjoyed watching them and did a wonderful job at listening and soaking up all the info that Dave had to tell us. The each had several questions to ask.
They gave a wonderful report to daddy at dinner tonight.

It was a nice way to spend a rainy day and of course there was our weekly stop at the library.
Another good day of learning and living.


We love stories. We read, tell and make up many of our own throughout the day.
The boys love listening to the stories.
We have taken many books on CD out of the libraries. We have exhausted all the ones they own.
Then we discovered StoryNory. A wonderful find. You can download stories for free. They have all kinds- classic, educational and original. William has grown fond of Natasha (one of the narrators), he gets very upset when it is someone else.
I have found that taking a shower while they listen makes a peaceful morning.
So we listen and we learn. They love discussing their story throughout the day with one another since they are listening to different ones.
I would definitely recommend checking the site out. Well worth it!

lost in the woods

No. We weren't really lost- physically, I mean.
However, we did manage to lose ourselves.

In the beauty of the day.
In the creations of others.
In the soft carpet of Mother Nature.
In the fuzziness of it all.
In the soaring of the hawks.
In their stillness.
In their grace.
In the colors of Spring.
In the fun of the water.
In the sweet smiles of boys.
In the challenges of climbing.
In listening to the wind.
In the wonderfulness of spending 3 1/2 hours together with no particular place to go.

rainy day activities

Poor Gritty- the boys just had to see what kind of "Gladidog" she would be.
Landon's work while Will and I did some lessons together.
We read the book Salamander Room and then everyone made a collage of what a good environment would be for a salamander.

weekend warmth

We spent a wonderful weekend with family and lots of time outdoors.
It was a perfect way to welcome Spring.
Plenty of sunshine, warmth, colors, and love!

oh, such long days

We are loving the longer days and warmer weather this week. Just so much more time to fit more goodness into our days.

Breakfast by boys- a new recipe: apples cooked with a little bit of brown sugar and nutmeg,
placed over a whole wheat English muffins dipped in an egg batter and cooked. (similar to french toast)

They said it was a keeper.

Then we headed for a bike ride: meet Lightening Landon and Whirling William ( "whirling like a tornado" he says, "nothing beats a tornado" he says.)

We had a minor fall but nothing magical kisses couldn't heel, ahem, not from mama, only William.
This was a big day for Lightening Landon as it was his first Dentist appointment. A little hesitant at first...

By the end he was fine and excited to show me his shiny teeth.
Unfortunately his front 4 teeth never developed quite right and there might be a little dental work needed. More to come on that.

During our creating hour the boys worked on their project for a new baby that is soon to be here and very close to us. They are so excited to share this with the family.

Plus we were outside for hours raking, and playing in the yard.

Blessed days I tell ya.

the past few days

Well we have been.......



(pattern from Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Critter Bags)

playing with domino race

on the "cooking channel"

the oven

first smoothies of year, (mango strawberry)

busy working

Plus, I got free flowers the other day while grocery shopping :)
Life has been kind.
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