We did a few errands this afternoon. I had some credit that I needed to use up at Joannes, since there is not one close to where we will be.

We came across these journals/scrapbooks: Smash. I had read about them before. Each book has a theme and the pages are printed with neat designs, some have prompts to get you started writing. The idea is that you can put whatever all in one book. There is a pen and glue stick attached so it is suppose to be easier.  I suggested to the boys that we each get one and can document our new adventures in VT. 

William chose the Doodle Red, Landon picked Simple Orange and I left with Eco Green. 

The boys wanted to start  right when we got home. William flipped through and filled in some pages with the prompts. Landon drew a picture of what the landscape looks like in the area we will be living.

It was a peaceful way to end the day. Each one deep in concentration.  I kept mine until we are actually up there, but am excited to fill it up.


it is too early to get out of bed, to feed the hungry, no one is waiting

the cheese drawer opens, i expect pitter patter paws, none come

i work on the computer, waiting to be entertained by silly noises, there are none

i walk in the door, hoping to see tail wagging and a toy brought,  the kitchen is empty

i wonder about the dishes, listening for clattering as licking occurs, all is still

i read quietly on the couch, wishing to have a warm blanket,  i am alone

i wander about the house, wanting to hear jingling of tags, it is too quiet

our new place

A look at our new place. Some of the rooms had lights out so the pictures came out dark, and I somehow missed a few palces but you can get a pretty good feel for the place. Or so I hope.

The front yardWoods surround us, you can see no neighbors, simply amazing!
 The house from the front.
 When you enter the front stairs you enter this long room. Lots of windows. This will be our living room, plus a little space for something else: learning, play or mama's space. Not sure yet.
 From the living room you enter the dining/kitchen area through sliding glass doors.

 Off the kitchen there are stairs leading to this huge basement.  We are thinking workshop, T.V. lounge, art space, scootering.  Lots of possibilities.
Pass the basement door there is this awesome room. I am so excited about it. A mudroom.  A place to put our shoes and coats. We never had such a big space!!

Then another door opens and leads out into our garage.

 Going back inside..

There is a room through that door at the bottom of the stairs. It is a bedroom/office. Not sure yet. There is also a bathroom/laundry to the right of the stairs. I forgot to take pictures of those two.
 Now upstairs this is the wide open hallway. With bookshelves. We are thinking the library- rows of books, comfy beanbag chair in the corner or maybe a desk. So many ideas.  Also to the right there is the cutest little door (no picture) that leads to a gigantic attic. Plenty of storage and possibly a play space, but it might be a bit chilly. We'll see.
 The door you see above leads to the bathroom.
 The master bedroom. With closet space for both Eric and I. In all of our years of marriage, we have never both had all our cloths in the same room.  The little things get me excited.

The big bedroom. The boys are going to try and share this room because it has two cool loft areas. Places they can hide, read or play.

 Another bedroom. A place for the babies things and a quiet retreat to nurse.

So there it is. We will officially be moving this week. 

I am sure it will take me a few months to figure out just where everything should go. But with the long, cold, hopefully snowy winter ahead we will have plenty of time. 

Still totally in awe of the whole thing.

in memory of

Gritty: March 1, 2001- September 22, 2012

We love you with all our hearts.

You will always be a part of us.

Mama, Daddy, Will and Lan

summer of change :the final part

Since today is the official last day of summer I can still write about it. I have filled you in pretty much with everything that is going on, except one last piece.  This change is pretty spectacular and we are feeling very blessed. I am still in awe. 

My lovely husband cut my head off, but he was trying to focus on one part of my body. It was taken a few weeks ago so there is not much of a bump. But we are expecting a new baby in February!!!!!


Taking some time today to just be with my girl. She is not doing well and we are hoping to hold on for Eric to get home to say our proper goodbyes.

confidence in my man

Here is my man. I do believe that the day we married we became one. We have grown so much in our 15 years together.  There is not too much that we disagree on. We truly know one another. I have no doubts that when needed he makes choices that are for our best.

I trust him completely. Therefore I was totally comfortable having him chose where we are going to live. I could tell the moment I heard his voice that the house he looked at was what we wanted, he was so excited about it.  Of course he really wanted me to come and have a look at it but circumstances at the moment just didn't work out that way.  I was OK with that.

I saw a picture of the outside and that was it. But when I finally saw it in person this past weekend it blew me away. Above and beyond what I expected. He did good.

We are all so excited to move and to live in this amazing place. I am still in awe. All things happen for a reason and I believe Eric losing his job was a blessing in disguise. For that I am extremely grateful.

And that I said yes 16 years ago.....


Although we haven't officially moved quite yet, this weekend found us extremely busy moving lots of our stuff to the new place.  Thanks to the boys and Grampy, along with Uncle Chris it made it a bit easier on Eric and I.  Our bodies are worn out and tired so we are all headed to bed early!
A little tour coming soon. Promise!
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