some easter fun

We went to a Easter egg hunt on our town green today. Had we not gone to the grocery store yesterday we would not have known about it. The boys were very excited when I told them about it this morning. So we went, collected eggs, had some candy and then came home to dye eggs. It was a nice mellow day and the boys had a great time decorating the eggs.

Harkin hung out with Dad and sported a new outfit today. Looking rather spiffy.

8 hours

This little man of mine slept 8 hours last night. Right between Eric and I, he felt snug and cozy. I don't expect it to last, although it was nice to get a full nights sleep. I awoke early and refreshed to start our lovely day.

re-purposing an old sewing cabinet

I inhereted two sewing cabinets. They held tons of spools of thread, and lots of old notions that I would most likely never use. I cleaned them out and organized what I had wanted to keep. I put them all into my new sewing table. Then I had these two cabinets left. I was planning on selling them.

The boys have been collecting rocks for over a year now. They would dig them up from our last years' winter rental house and then since we have moved here they have been mining at least once a week.

They had really wanted a display case for Christmas. One morning a light bulb went off in my head and I said they each could have a sewing cabinet for their rocks. We cleaned them up, reinforced the bottom of one(thanks Grampy) and lined them with felt(thanks Grammy). 

The boys washed all their rocks and spent an afternoon or two organizing them. They are sorted by color and kind of rock, according to the boys. They are both very proud of their displays.

I am trying to be more thrifty and to look at something and think "What else could I use that for?" This seems to be catching, the boys are coming up with lots of ideas from our cast offs.

our weekend

We had a visit from Uncle Matt and then a day of skiing with him and Dad.

Harkin is one month old.

There were games played, errands done and lots of loving had.

Hoping a good week for all.

all clear

So this morning we had an 8:00am appointment at the big hospital in the big city an hour away. Which meant everyone had to be up at 6:00am in order to get dressed, fed and out the door on time.  I was not the one who chose the time but in the end am glad it was early.  By the time we left,  the waiting room was filled with patients.

Harkin had an EKG, an ultra sound and a blood test. He was awake for the whole time- almost two hours. When we were finished he was tuckered out and pretty much slept the rest of the day away. Which worked out good since we decided to do a few errands while we were in the big city.  After getting in and out of the car 3 times I was so ready to head home. The older boys were great through all of this. They even got to watch a movie during the ultra sound so it was a happy moment.

The results: there is very faint murmur but nothing that causes concern at the moment. So all is well.

After staying put for the past 31/2 weeks it was an event for everyone and we were all pretty beat by the time we got home. Jaxson was so excited he ended up throwing up all of his food that he ate for breakfast. Quite the day.

My little man all hooked up with wires to the machines. Glad that it is over and we can continue on with good thoughts.

dog meets boy

It's not like they haven't actually met, they have just kept their distance. Until now. Just the three of us were home last Saturday so we had some time to really hang out. Jaxson is still a bit unsure of this little bundle of joy. He wanted to get up close and personal this time. Harkin just sat there without saying anything. I do believe as time goes on they will become best of buds.

spring snow

The first day of Spring certainly felt just like Winter but we'll take it. We don't seem to ever tire of a good day of play in the snow.

these days

These past few days have been simple. Home. Baking. Playing. Learning. Loving. 
Holding and cherishing them.

Harkin's First Bath

Everyone helped out and it all went well. Harkin seemed to enjoy the warm water on his cute little body!

the ins and outs of everyday living this week

The week has gone by quickly but not without some excitement.

Eric was home sick on Monday. He is feeling much better now.

Harkin had his 2 week check up. He gained 14.5 ounces in a week so he is eating well. Some days it seems like that is all he does. He loves for me to hold him, which I love just as well, but doesn't allow for much else to get done.  He has a slight murmur in his chest so we will be going to a cardiologist next week just to be on the safe side.

Tuesday brought us out of the house and back to the hospital. Landon hit his head on the edge of our counter top and split his head open. They only had to glue it instead of stitches. Luckily it wasn't worse.

Wednesday evening Jaxson slipped on the stairs and hurt his hind leg. He is feeling better and is able to walk on it now. Must have just been a bruise or sprain.

After rain in the beginning of the week we got a few inches of snow on Thursday. King Winter is still holding on. We don't mind it though. The boys have 3 more weeks of ski club, so we want the snow to last.

We have been getting into a bit of a routine and managing to work through lessons a little bit each day. William is focusing on his Beast Math this week and Landon was working on his reading. He is so proud of himself that he can read all by himself!!

The boys also completed a project they have been wanting to do for awhile. A rock display for all their special rocks they have collected over the past few months. 

Although there are bumps along the way, life is what we make of it and how we react to it all. I need to remind myself of this so often and am trying my best to instill this to the boys.

the view from my window

There is a trail of footprints leading into the woods. You can't see them but my big boys are out there. They are loggers, miners and explores. They are becoming in tune with their surroundings. They are spending time with nature.

I hear them laughing and enjoying each others company.  They beg me to stay out just a little bit longer. I am so very grateful every day that they have this available to them and we are at home together.  They will come in by lunch and then we will settle down to some book learning, but I know that they are learning all morning. Learning to appreciate this wonderful world of ours.


** The tiredness has really begun to set in.**

**Harkin gained 6 ounces in 3 days.**

**Harkin's umbilical cord fell off last night! He has the cutest little belly button.**

**I went for a walk with Jaxson and Harkin up the big hill, and it felt wonderful. We are still trying to get the sling thing down though.**

**The big boys went skiing all by themselves, no adult with them, they felt pretty cool. They checked in with Eric every few runs and had a walkie talkie with them the whole day.**

** I haven't left our property for 6 days now and it doesn't bother me. I love just being at home and hanging out with my boys. Doing things in the house. Playing, creating, cleaning, cooking, resting, etc.**

**Jaxson is becoming a big dog. He has a very loud bark when he sees the maple sugaring guys out in the woods. He wants to do his job and protect us. What a good boy he is.**

**My knitting needles have been wondering where I am lately. I can read while nursing but haven't mastered knitting. There are so many projects waiting for me. Hoping when Harkin is napping and I'm not I can put everything else aside and just knit.**.

**Loving the warmer weather we have been having lately but wondering how the Winter went by so quickly.**

**Could spend my entire day holding Harkin and just staring at his cute little face. Loving having a newborn and would do it all again in a heartbeat.**

**Smiles to all**

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