Sunday Smiles

Landon and I were playing a game this afternoon and Harkin needed to be right in the action. As he was trying to get up onto the ledge of the table he lost his pants. While he was under there he thought he was pretty hot stuff, until he decided he was rather stuck and not too sure how exactly to get out of there.
He is exploring more and more and coming up with new tricks every day.

apple picking

A beautiful day and an awesome deal (only 12.50) for 45 pounds(1 bushel of apples) makes for a wonderful day with my boys.  We also got to hang out with some friends and just enjoy the afternoon. Now we are busy with ideas for all those apples- pies, sauces and such.

p.s. I did not dress the boys alike, they did it themselves which makes Eric and I laugh. We both grew up with moms (sorry Grammy) who would dress all the kids alike on outings and we promised  we would never do it. I guess it is just in the genes.

so strong

Harkin is working on getting his legs strong. He loves to stand up and look all around and gets the proudest smile on his face. He is such a cutie - I just want to squeeze him all day long.

reading needs time

One of the great benefits of homeschooling is: TIME

Time to lay in bed all morning, afternoon and late into the night and read if that is what one is so inclined to do.

William recently read all 7 Harry Potter books. In two weeks. Some of these books are over 700 pages. He couldn't put them down.  He was just so excited.

When he finished them and realized there were movies he couldn't wait to watch.
Last weekend, Eric took Landon with him to CT for the day. William made the popcorn and then him and I snuggled to watch the first movie, all during Harkin's nap. It was fun for him to see the differences from the book to the movie.

He is hoping to see all the movies some day but for now we will just let the wonder of words keep the story alive.


The boys joined a bowling league. For the next 12 weeks they will bowl three games a week. They are super excited about it.

The first two games they bowled without bumpers and were not impressed with their scores, but did show improvement between games. The final game they decided to use the bumpers and it helped some. They both manages to get strikes however, without the ball touching the bumpers.

Something different and a way to meet some new homeschoolers, plus it is right down the street from Eric's work so Daddy can come and watch for a bit!

early morning walk

When I feel so inclined and have time and motivation, I get up early in order to get out of the house before Eric leaves for work. Let's just say this does not happen often. It tends to be more on the weekends. Anyways, I have an amazing view every time, and every time it just makes me feel so relaxed and contented. I do have to walk up that huge hill you see, but I feel so energized. I really wish I would do it more often. I am trying. The mornings are getting chillier and I always hate to wake Harkin if he is asleep- since he needs to come with. I will continue to try, that's all I can do.

some outside work

Landon has been working hard outside to make a pretty cool fortress. William has helped him along the way, just never caught him in action.

sitting in the chair

Although Harkin is not eating yet, we wanted him to get used to his chair and sitting at the table with us. And the fact that every time we sat down to eat and he was in his swing he would basically yell at us until we put him in our laps. So we got the chair down from the attic. He thought it was awesome and he was hot stuff. He sits pretty well in it. He just loves to bang on the table. The boys think it is so great that he is sitting in a chair and argue about who gets to sit next to him. I do believe we will be playing musical chairs for a bit.

cute little pumpkin

So the days had started getting colder and the white hat was just not cutting it- way too big. I went a size smaller and made the cutest pumpkin hat for my guy. It fits snugly and will stay put, which is what we needed. I am sure by the end of November when you aren't thinking pumpkins any longer he will have outgrown it. Then it will be onto a new one. I love knitting hats as they are quick and so cute!

moving and messes

This little guy is all over the place. I was so not ready for him to be crawling at 6 months. He no longer is content to stay in the office and wants to be out in the kitchen with me while I am cooking. He is so happy when he "breaks free". 

He also loves to take everything out of baskets and off shelves. This weekend found me moving stuff around so he wouldn't get into things he wasn't suppose to.

It's fun watching him and I am amazed at how quick he has gotten in just two short weeks of crawling. He still does not have his belly up, but that does not stop him.

Oh, the joys of a baby!!

Fort Ticonderoga

The boys and I went on a field trip yesterday. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. They had fun watching a musket demonstration and checking out all the areas of the fort.
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