rock climbing: tiny guy

The big boys have been doing rock climbing most of this past year. They really enjoy it and wanted to share that excitement with Harkin. He is old enough but we weren't sure really if he could do it. He did a all right but had lots of fun and wants to go back. He told me it was OK if I left with Issabelle, he would be all right with his big brothers. He is getting so big.

dinner by Landon

Landon made us dinner Friday night with his kidstir subscription. It is always so much fun to be in the kitchen with one of my kids. We are able to talk and spend good quality time together and learn new recipes and techniques. We were so into dinner that I kinda forgot to get pictures of the finished products. He made a fancy flavored chicken that was cooked inside of parchment paper. A new way for us. Then roasted root veggies- they were absolutely delicious and for the end- lava cakes. As you can see we all enjoyed those.

He really likes this subscription box. It gives us new recipes and each month Landon gets new gadgets to cook with, which he thinks is pretty awesome.

springtime vest

Since Issabelle had her vest, Harkin has asked me for one for him. He picked out his color and waited ever so patiently for his to be done. Just in time for the spring weather!!

loving the chair

Issabelle is so in love with this chair right now. She can climb up and down all by herself and loves to cozy up with a good book. Harkin likes to proclaim that it is HIS chair but he is a pretty good sharer with his sister.

Also she is turning into quite the ham for the camera these days.

mud season

Being the first day of spring, ah, and mud season, I thought it would be nice to take a little walk today. The big boys are still skiing but the two littles and I were home hanging out today. The temps are still winter like but there is no snow on the ground. Issabelle could walk but every few feet she inevitable fell. Her boots are hard to walk in. She would go down and always hit her head- this time she basically face planted. She didn't cry at all, just tried to get some of the mud out of her mouth and then was fine until we came back to the house to wash it off. She's my kind of girl- not afraid of the dirt:)

sandbox play

We had such a warm weather earlier this week there was such excitement to be in the sandbox. The sand was still wet and with the melted snow there were puddles for playing in. This was Issabelle's first time in since last summer she was so tiny and would want to eat the sand. She just stood around for a bit watching her brothers but then found a place to sit and dig. She probably stayed out there for an hour while Harkin was there for over 2. He really didn't want to come in, he had such a great time.

This morning Daddy went and got more sand to add to the depleting pile. It was a bit more chillier but it did not stop the boys. They just wore warmer clothes. So I suppose Spring is making its way here.

the beginnings of march

So the first week of march has come and gone. We were home mostly with a just a few days out for rock climbing and skiing. The weather is still a bit weird for this time of year but cold enough at the mountain to keep the snow there for awhile longer. While home we have been baking, reading, playing, creating and outsides lots. The river is lots of fun with ice or raging waters, depending upon the day.

This is the first day of Eric's vacation. We were just going to do stuff close to home but unfortunately he has been very sick the past week. We are hoping and praying that he recovers soon. We all need him to be better and watching him in such pain hasn't been easy. There is nothing I can do to help and it drives me crazy.

Our days will continue to be slow and steady and filled with love at home.

banana thief and princess warrior

Issabelle usually shares a banana with me, but lately she has been grabbing it right out of my hand and eating it all herself. She was particularly proud this day when she grabbed it and ran away. She is so funny. Once finished she decided she needed to come and attack Daddy with her brother's battle ax and pirate hook. She is a little monkey who mimics everything her brothers do. She is growing up so quickly. 13 months already!!!

some snow fun

Although this has not been an epic winter and the days vary in degrees we have had a few good snow days. This past week the kids had a great afternoon playing in the snow, doing tricks and sledding. Issabelle tries to keep up with her brothers but falls down often so we pull her around in the sled more often than not.
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