minnie underwear 11-2017

So way back when, in November, on a Sunday Issabelle decide she wanted to use the potty all day long. Just like that. I suggested we get some underwear since putting a diaper on and off isn't exactly easy. Daddy has prime with amazon so he ordered the Minnie underwear that she wanted. That was all she would say, "Daddy bought me these".

We were still busy with activities with the boys so it took us several weeks before we were totally out of diapers. With the boys I just stayed home for a week and were done. We weren't doing the night time yet since she was soaking wet each time she woke up. When we finally had the days down we moved to nighttime. It took a little longer than I am used to but also much earlier than I had ever done. I always waited until 3 years old. This little lady turns 3 in two weeks. And she is totally over  diapers:) We've even added to the underwear collection since then. So big!

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  1. Another milestone. Oh my. Big girl panties. Way to go Issabelle. XXXOOO


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