halloween fun

all the joys of boys.
carving and painting. dressing up. trick or treating.

almost getting paint it the face by a very determined 8 month old. he did not want anyone to tell him how to hold the brush.

the big cowboy and the ninja went out and came home to eat their candy while tiny cowboy fell fast asleep. he was tuckered out.

this was the first time in 10 years I did not go out with the boys. kinda strange but they are growing and were not too concerned mama was not there, humph

and now to sleep in hopes that the sugar fairy comes for the wonderful offering of candy......

a quick visit with the animals

Last Saturday a local dairy farm was having a family fun day. W headed over to check it out and got to have a visit with their animals. I love how my big boys still find it so cool to pet and feed goats. Even Harkin got in the action.

The weather was sunny and warm and now we are all wearing hats and winter coats- with snow on the mountains. How quickly the weather changes...

more pie making:: Landon's turn

little sailboats

We did a little kitchen science and learned about surface tension and water molecules. This simple and cute idea came from Alphabet Glue. The boys had fun finding the acorn tops and making the sailboats. The best part was watching them sail -the secret: adding dish soap to the water. I love simple, quick and fun learning activities. It just fits with the rest of our day.

in the backyard

 The boys have been busy making a camp under the pine tree.
 Stools around their campfire.
 A shelf for all their supplies.
The view from the branches.
A clearing...

I love how they can spend the whole morning outside coming up with ideas and using their imaginations. They are truly blessed to have the freedom and time of childhood.

a sunday drive

An impromptu drive through the lovely countryside that we live led us to a small little park to stretch our legs. This was the first time Harkin went in a playground swing- everyone was so excited- he was kinda indifferent about the whole thing.

Then he spent some time watching his big brothers do a few tricks off their swings and wondered how safe that really was.

It was a cool crisp afternoon and as we drove past the ski mountain on the way home, everyone is getting anxious for the snow to begin falling. We are hoping to ski on Thanksgiving!
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