back in the saddle

We took the winter off from riding but as the warmer weather came around Landon was dying to get back on the horse. He goes once a week and loves it. He could spend hours at the barn hanging with all the horses. He keeps telling Eric and I that one day we are going to have a horse in our backyard....

all about dad

The past two days we were busy celebrating Eric. First there was father's day, which was extremely rainy. We stayed home, reading, playing games, napping and smoking brisket. It was a pretty mellow day but good for Eric to catch up on sleep and to just hang out. The brisket tasted awesome.

Then it was Eric's birthday! So we headed to play a little golf all together and then took a nice drive. The little ones love to sleep in the car. It was great to be able to share the day with Eric- he took it off from work!!

Always a bummer when Daddy has to head back to work, one day maybe we will be able to all work together. That is Eric's goal, to have place of our own.

Happy Birthday and Father's Day to my sweet love and best friend. Thanks for all you do to keep us going. We love you.

celebration gathering

We met up at a local park with William's friends to celebrate his birthday. They played tennis, soccer, basketball and tag. It was a fun time by all.  I was planning on making the cupcakes bu then Will asked if he could do it so he ended up making his own surprise. It was kinda funny.


My sweet William turned 12 this past weekend.

He had a special breakfast out with Dad to start the day and then we headed out as a family to a rock climbing gym. He absolutely loved it, Really wold like to go so much more often. All the boys had a fun time. We got home late afternoon and everyone had some down time -reading and sandbox playing. All while Daddy was making dinner. Burgers and fries.

Then onto desert. William strayed from his normal- the first time in 8 years I did not make the strawberry shortcake he loves so much. Instead I made brownies and we topped them with ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream.

We ended the evening with a movie, after the little ones were sound asleep. They were tired from a day out.

William had a great day and has become such an amazing young man.

just perfect for us

The past two summers the boys have taken golf lessons a local club. They were mostly on a driving range and a putting green. They have never actually gone for the whole 18 holes. We are hoping this summer they can get out with Dad for at least 9 holes each.

However, to get us warmed up and some more practice, I discovered this small 6 hole golf course that lets the kids play all summer for basically nothing. It was kinda like someone had some extra yard and turned it into a golf course. There was no one else there so the big boys could go off by themselves and then I could hang out with the little ones. I could hear and see the boys the whole time though.  Harkin had a blast hitting golf balls by himself. There were two huge buckets full that he could play with.

It is just right for us at the moment. A nice hidden gem.

Oh, and don't you just love little miss spectator!!

whats new around here

This past weekend the boys built a sandbox. It was intended for Harkin but the big boys were just as thrilled with it. They have missed theirs since we moved from CT. Every afternoon when it has not been raining they have been in it having a great time. I am so glad we have this. Just another reason that makes our days at home fun and exciting.

a terrarium

William receives Doodle Crate in the mail every month and really enjoys doing all the projects. Here he was putting together a terrarium and Harkin was so interested in what he was doing. Will was sweet enough to let Harkin help a little bit and also shared some of the clay with Landon. In the last picture you can see all the clay creatures and mushrooms they made for decorations. A quick and simple activity but it really got everyone involved. Even Daddy was there giving some pointers.
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