feeling blessed

Today was a good day. It was busy but relaxed.  We spent time with friends at the playground, showered ourselves with the water, created paper chains, read, enjoyed writing our names in a new way. Just lived.

I babysit several kids. Today the house was filled with three extra little bodies.  They are really sweet children and the boys enjoy their company.

As I sit down to take a few minutes to myself and relax I am grateful for the day. For the fact that I am able to be home with the boys full time.  Has it been easy financially? Not always, hence the extra kids.  But would I ever go back to "work".  Many have asked me this question over and over.  NEVER.   My career goal in life was to be a mother.  I am happy just being that.  

I just can't wrap my mind around them spending their days anywhere else.  There are the occasional programs that Will has participated in. Those days are long for me.  I miss him.  

Now, I 'm not saying that every day is easy as pie.  But we work through those times and the next day is a fresh start.

The fact that we get to spend days just living and learning in all that we do makes my life totally fulfilled.

I have this amazing husband and two children that are special in every way.

I am a very blessed woman. 

So, like I said,  

It was a good day!

imagination at work

Landon and I have spent quite a bit of time together this summer while big brother is out and about.  Although we are home together, we hardly spend time doing things together.   

I go about my business and Landon keeps himself very active with all of his friends and the battles, parties and such.  We check in every so often for a good book and snack, then back off to whatever we were doing.  

I love listening to him. He creates these amazing scenarios and talks back and forth between his friends.  Quite and imagination, this one has!

learning games

We have been learning some new games this summer thanks to this great book.  Another successful trip to the library.

swimming and crazy cuteness


Thanks to Auntie Linda for sharing her pool with us.


William spent a week at Cub Scout camp.  
He took part in nature, archery, knots, songs, skits, crafts and swam. 
And he learned to stick his tongue out at mama....isn't that just wonderful stuff?

Sunday Smiles: new spaces

I have been in a organizing/cleaning out mode the past few weeks.  
We found a new bookshelf that is awesome. Holds all of our books, among other things, at easy access.
Then I spent a day cleaning out Landon's room and shifting things around. He was a big help getting rid of stuff and loves the fact that he has a little more floor space to play. 

William's room is next: he is not looking forward to it, but I am!

bang, bang, bang

Today started out with a bang......

Eric helped Landon build a coin bank.
He was so excited to see it roll into the hole. 
Then there was decorating to be done.
Thanks Grammy for sending a cool kit.  Gotta love the "Bin"

The Bin refers to the Goodwill Outlet. It is filled with "bins" that you must search through to find stuff. Grammy finds the most amazing things!

catching up

I have been off for a bit.. but I wanted to share some recent pictures.

a quick hello

Just wanted to say hello.
We have been spending our mornings at home taking it easy.
Our afternoons in pools.
It is soooo nice to have friends and sisters with pools.
Especially when it is 100* outside and 90* inside, yes, our little old house is so very HOT!

Some big things: Will and Lan rode a pony this week.
Will can touch the bottom of the deep end, and do flips off the diving board.
Landon can jump off the diving board and swim by himself.

And, I have sweated off 5 pounds.........
See you soon.

summer fun

our days have been blending from one thing to another-- so full of fun though
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