tracking in our own woods

A walk in the woods recently found us coming upon this:
some feathers and lots of footprints, some sort of battle had definitely taken place
(you can see a few of Jaxson's prints because I could not keep him out of the way)

We tracked the footprints to a big pile of logs- thinking it was the den of whoever found something good to eat. The boys thought it was pretty cool to see the wonder of nature right before their eyes.

snow day

It finally feels like the way Vermont is suppose to be. Cold temps and snow being a regular occurrence. Playing outside for hours and then coming inside for hot coca and warming up by the wood stove. Snuggling down in the afternoon with a good book or crafting project. Enjoying these days so much.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very happy day!
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the stockings were hung

Just waiting for Santa. Happy Christmas Eve!

decorating the tree

We're a bit later than usual with the decorating, but always as joyful. This year we have our first star which was made by Landon. He asked Daddy to put it on top of the tree.

We have a wide assortment of ornaments and the boys so enjoy looking at them and deciding just where they will go. Each year we try to add at least one handmade ornament.We talk about where each ornament came from, if it was received as a gift or maybe bought as a memory from someplace special.  It is one of my favorite moments about the holidays. I love having everyone involved.

presents wrapped by Grampy

This post is so that Grammy can see how well Grampy wrapped some packages for the boys while she was at work. They needed to be sent right away so she was not able to to it herself. I have to say I am very impressed with Grampy's wrapping. Much better than mine.

Sunday Smiles

some crafting

waiting for the peppermints to melt

Friday found us inside most of the day. It was a wet rainy day and we needed to just get some last minute creating done. Everyone helped with these cool peppermint ornaments. Saw the idea on Kiwi Magazine website. Then everyone kinda went into their own little corner of the house to wrap, and make things for others of this house. It was a peaceful morning.

activities: chess and nature

Yesterday we discovered a new chess club at a not too far away library. The boys were thrilled to be really learning how to play. They meet each week for an hour and then there will be a few tournaments in the Spring. The instructor was so nice and said we should come early next time and he will sit with the boys and really teach them.  All this offered for free. I am amazed at how many cool library programs I have found and you do not need to be a resident of that town to participate.

Then today we went to the nature class that is offered once a month for homeschoolers. They talked about tracks and signs that all kinds of animals leave. They made their own track story with stamps and learned how to take a plaster cast of a print. We need to stock up on some plaster because I see that in our near future. We find lots of tracks around here.
It was all very interesting to the boys. However they seem to think the class size was a bit too big. They like things to be small and quiet- kinda like their Mama.  For a once a month class we will manage.

Hardy Boys

A few weeks ago I urged the boys to try out reading the Hardy Boys. They are on a serious secret detective kick and I thought they would enjoy them. I have tried in the past but no one was buying what I was selling. However, this time it peaked their interest. William checked out 5 or so and was done reading them within a week.  Eric is reading them aloud to both of the boys. He used to read them when he was a kid, which they think is cool. We learned that there are around 60 of them. William wants to read them all. The other day they each got a package in the mail. Grammy and Grampy had sent up a copy for each of them. They were thrilled.

Then Eric told them about the Hardy Boys TV show he added to our instant cue. It has been non-stop questions as to when can they watch. Today they viewed their first episode. They love it, and think its neat that Daddy watched them when he was a kid- even though Grammy apparently didn't like him to. Or so that's what we've been told.

I love watching them get excited about books!
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