cause for celebration

We had a great week of games, walks in the woods, puzzles and just general playfulness with Grammy and Grampy. It was such a wonderful visit but way too short. Harkin was really getting to know and love his grandparents(especially when Grammy feeds him ice cream sandwiches!). We just decided it needs to happen way more often. Thanks for making the long drive north. We miss you so much already!!!

a reason for the quiet

It has been a bit quiet around here the last few weeks. We are just living and busy during our days, plus we had a visit from Grammy and Grampy that I really have not been on the computer. I am trying to spend more time at night creating and knitting. So I may not post as often, but will be here at least once a week to share photos. We'll see how it goes.

wanting to be like the big boys

Landon left a few books he was using out one day and Harkin discovered them. He was awful quiet and when I checked on him, this is what I found. Reading all by himself. He sees everyone else do it so it must be a good thing.  It amazes me how much he mimics our actions.


Landon turned 8 earlier this month. We had a low key day filled with family fun and love. Opened presents, shot some arrows, ate homemade ice cream cake and watched a movie. Best of all we got to hang with a really cool 8 year old. So sweet and compassionate, filled with awe and excitement.
My little guy is growing up.

first steps in the woods

The days have been beautiful.
The boys have been outside. a. lot.
There has been fort making.
Harkin following his big brothers.
In the woods without being on Mama's back.
Exciting stuff.
Thought it was so awesome.

So thankful we live here.
Mama loving the fact that my boys can play in the woods with their imaginations for hours on end.
Simply perfect.

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