at play

I love watching my children at play. It was a quiet afternoon and he was having fun all by himself. Lining up all the tires to his wooden cars. He was content.

first day of summer

We go to the mountains in the winter and now we are heading there for the summer season. Smuggs has offered a great deal for Vermonters and we took the opportunity to use it. We are able to use 4 pools, 2 reservoirs and tons of other activities, such as the mountain bike park. All the boys had such a great time on the elements and then the two big boys were able to go off on their own to do the trails. They have water slides and pools that are just right for the littles, so it is going to be such a fun summer.  Everyone is excited to cool off and have loads of fun.


I am now the mom of a teenager. Yikes! I have an amazing young man living under our roof.

We had an awesome day at the golf course. William and Landon had a great time golfing while Harkin and Issabelle thought the golf cart was super cool. Every once in awhile Harkin would want to hit a few balls but otherwise was content to just hang out and play in the cart or on the grass.

The country club was great to let us all go out on the course and it was pretty mellow which made it much less stressful. The weather was perfect. Just the right amount of temperature to let us last all day long.

When finished we came home to make a yummy dinner of burgers and fries.Then Will went with a different cake this year. The coconut one which we all love so much.

Such a passionate reader, my sweet William loves to be with his family and makes this mama proud in all that you do. We love you always.

the lawn mower

When spring arrived and the lawns began getting mowed, including ours, Harkin was so very interested in the lawnmowers, Whenever he saw one he would shout out with joy.

Then a few weeks ago at his best friends house, he saw a lawn mower just his size. How ecstatic was he. He kept asking every day if he could have one of those.

After looking around and finally finding one online. (We don't have lots of stores near us.)  It arrived. He was super excited. Issabelle was as well.

We took it right out to the lawn and whenever he discovered it blew bubbles, well that was just awesome. He mowed the lawn for over two hours. Thankfully we had a wooded roller toy in he attic for Izzy.

Now they mow the lawn together and have such a great time.
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