on the water

My wonderful husband had a great idea yesterday to go and rent kayaks. I used to go kayaking  a lot when I was in school and have missed it so much.  The boys were so excited to give it a try and they did awesome.

 We stopped at a beach and got out for a little swim and some nature seeing for a bit before heading back.

It was just so relaxing and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  The boys want to know when we are going to do it again. I can easily be persuaded to go again and again and again...

We rented them down  where my dad's marina used to be. And then went to lunch at what was my mom's favorite seafood restaurant.

It was not only a day of building new memories for our family,  but it brought back many memories of my childhood days.

Thanks Eric for such an awesome idea and celebrating our anniversary together as a family.
Yep, today it's our 14 year anniversary.   Time has gone by so fast, and they have been some pretty amazing years.

Sunday Smiles

Moments from the past week that created a smile, while reminding me to pause and smile this upcoming week, knowing that life is good.

from our own backyard

strawberries and jam

 We made it to the farm for fresh picked strawberries earlier this week before the rain came in. Just before the season has ended too.  Then we got to making jam.  Of course I was a little late in my thinking and as I went looking for a canning kit they were nowhere to be found, except online, and I needed one ASAP.  So I did a little research and found freezer jam recipes.  All I need was sugar and pectin. But then as I went to the store and really looked at the pectin I decided I did not want all the added ingredients. Really, I just wanted fresh berries mushed up that would last for a bit.  More research and I discovered there is a natural fruit pectin you can use.(Thanks Rachel)  Thankfully my natural food store carried it. 

So we spent an afternoon making jam. The boys helped hull and mash, mix and stir. It came out great.

We used strawberries, honey and fruit pectin.  There were recipes in the pectin box that were helpful and easy to follow along.  As the summer goes on and we pick more fruit I will hopefully get a canning kit because our freezer is not that big.

We are loving the jam though.

index card a day

 I was searching around last week and came across a pretty cool blog.  Tammy was offering an easy  summer challenge. Just five minutes a day is all you need, so I we jumped in. A few days late but we're just doing two cards a day instead for now.  The boys are loving it and coming up with some neat ideas. So we have another creative moment added into our day. 



After waiting what seemed like forever, the boys went to their first night of BMX racing this week. They rode around that track for two hours practicing and then got to participate in three races.

We had a few crashes but they got right back up and kept on riding. That is how I know how much they loved it, there was no time for breaks they told me.  

It is quite the sight to see, there are so many racers of all ability levels. We are headed into new territory here, but it seems like it is going to be a good experience.  
 Every race William had he came in 4th out of 5 riders but that didn't deter him. He only said that next week he was going to do better.
Landon was last every time in his races but he was happy enough just to be riding.

The nights are late and the day after is a full day of rest, but I think the best part about it being at night is that Daddy can meet us there and be a part of it.

Summer nights full of fun await us....

special day

A simple day with lots of preparations.  I had lots of help organizing dinner and setting the table. The boys took such pride in how the table came out and wanted everything to be a surprise.  Why all the fuss?

 If the brownies look a little short on length, this is why....
 A certain being in this house decided they had to give it a test taste. HINT: She has 4 legs!
 We made the best of it and it still tasted delicious!

I enjoyed how Eric wanted it to be a night at home. We were able to make it special with our personal touches.  It was a very relaxing evening. 

Happy Birthday my sweet love.

phone photos

A few weeks ago, Eric finally had it with my old phone. I was having trouble getting messages and it never really wanted to work when I needed it to, so I got upgraded.  I got a phone like his. I can now take pictures, video, check my email, look up stuff online and get apps- which the boys love- but I am still learning all that. I really am not that advance with technology.  Even thought that is what my husband does for  a living. IT DRIVES HIM CRAZY!

Its great for those moments when I just don't have my big camera with me for some odd reason.

So here are the pictures I have take so far.

And these are ones I didn't even know I took. (I told you I was still learning how to work this phone.)

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