Sunday Smiles

There was a little watercolor painting for someone special living in the South,
plus another tooth this week, however, this time he did not swallow it. Yeah!

A Day at Home



Presents for a friend
Pizza making
Sword fighting

Tuckered out


We made a rainbow to brighten our day and to share with our friends from nature class.

It was William's last class as "Red Fox", his nature name. He had a great time and enjoyed his teacher and meeting new friends.

Monday's Adventures

The day started with William losing his front tooth while eating cereal, so he accidentally swallowed it. He is very nervous the tooth fairy will be upset. We left a note and I reassured him that tooth fairies understand this type of thing.
We were then off to see a play, Strega Nona. We have read all of the books by Tomie dePaola and the boys were so excited to see how it was to come together. They wove many of the stories into the play. There is this cute little poem that Strega Nona says when she is using her magic pasta pot. The boys had it memorized and were chiming in as the actors were singing it. It was really exciting to see them be so enthusiastic about the show.

Once the play was finished we ate lunch in the car that we had prepared this morning and then off to our weekly library trip. We love checking out new libraries. This one was so neat!

A small entrance just for little people.
The Farm.
Whispering Tubes.
The Castle
Where of course a show had to be performed for mommy.

It seemed as if we were at a children's museum rather than the library but we did come home with three bags full of books! Plenty to keep us busy.
They were both arguing with me when I told them to put some back because they would not fit into the bags. "Oh,we'll just carry them." they say.
Well guess who has to carry 50 books to the car? Uh, ME!
It was a full day, and a really great one.

Creation Station: February

Each month I host "Creation Station".
During the warmer months it's on my driveway and now that it is winter we are able to use our local library.
I love the librarian there. She is so awesome!

I usually have four different stations set up. For awhile they were seasonal crafts but now I am getting back into the process oriented creations.

So we have.......


Still a bit seasonal, but open ended. The kids cut our their own heart and then decorated them with all different types of heart shapes.
We used Popsicle sticks and different colored masking tape I got from
Lakeshore Learning Company. The kids had a great time and made some neat designs.


I made bubble paint( dishwashing soap mixed with tempra paint), and then the kids used cookie cutter shapes to dip and print. Hopefully the bubble wouldn't pop until you put it on the paper and then it makes a swirly design.

As you can see this was a huge hit-just shaving cream to have fun with. I added some combs so the kids could make neat designs on the table.

All the kids have a great time and its fun to get together with our friends.

Pattern Blocks

I thought I would start posting a little here an there about some of our intentional learning activities that we love.

This past week the boys explored with pattern blocks on there own. They made amazing designs and patterns, even made a few sculptures. (I missed the photo op. They were having so much fun and kept changing their creations before I could get there).

Then I discovered this book in my past teaching boxes in the attic.
William is working through the book slowly. He does a few pages each day.

It starts with the outline and all you have to do is put the correct shapes. It then gradually increases in difficulty. Some pages will tell you how many shapes to use.
He really had to think about his work the other day. He had completed the picture but didn't have the correct amount of shapes. So he had to move things around.

He is having fun while learning and loving it - which is what my goal aims to be :)

The Snow Cometh'

We woke to a beautiful sight.
More snow.
This is truly turning into a wonderful New England Winter.

Many people begin to complain right about now how long winter is. I feel like it is just beginning.

We walked,
built snow forts,
made snow angels,
shoveled sidewalks and driveways,
stared up into the trees and listened.

A day that was strongly needed.
A day outside.
A day of just us and the beauty of the world.

Just Hanging

There's been lots of resting past few days since I've been sick.

All of the boys have been spending lots of time together,

hiking, shopping and out to eat.

Lots, I mean lots of Olympic watching.

It's been a good few days and now back to our regular schedule program.........
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