scenes from the week

stained glass coloring books

paper toy making- airplanes and monsters

dirt biking

new soccer season

all is well

new game

We started playing Blokus about a week ago and have played it every day.  The boys play together or  I will play with one of them. Eric and I even have matches at night. It is  pretty neat game that really challenges your brain.  We're just loving it.

music, beach and much more

A morning in the city to hear the symphony
 with friends.

We learned about the 4 groups of instruments and then listened while being entertained to Peter and the Wolf.  The narrator was terrific. He used such unexpected props. A feather duster for the duck, a purse for the cat, a suitcase for the wolf, plungers for the hunters' was so creative and really made one use their imagination while listening for the pieces of music that represented each character. The boys totally loved it.

We then had a bite to eat and since it was so beautiful outside headed to the beach to play and enjoy the afternoon.

Home for a little rest, a game of Blokus- a new favorite- soccer practice for Landon and then off to check out something new.  

BMX track. with racing. oh my.

Knitted Necktie

You may have noticed Landon wearing a little blue necktie in yesterday's pictures.

It was his first necktie made by Mama.  He was so very excited to be just like Daddy and have his very own tie.

It knitted up very quickly and was a great hit. He received many compliments on it and wore such a proud smile.

Easter Morning

We gathered our little Easter pouches that the bunny left. Filled with money, special rocks and coupons for ice cream.
 We had fun looking through our baskets.  New treasures to color and build, plus one big chocolate bar that is yummy!
 We got dressed up,
 and ate out with Great Goebel.

A simple but lovely day.

body art

After dinner activities tonight included some drawing by all boys!

Fun Filled Friday

Whew- today was filled with so much goodness.  

 There were errands,

activity books,

shaving cream play,

gift making,

outside playing and cleaning the gardens,
anxiously waiting for warmer temps. 

It has been chilly today that there was fire making.

Lots of time spent in the kitchen.

Making pizza and tapioca pudding with my little helpers. It seems like its been awhile since they were right next to me being chefs.  We had a fun time and they were so happy with their pizzas.

 Now off to watch a movie, with my hubby , some tea and tapioca for me:)


Right now we are loving sticker books.  I came across this one for Landon's birthday and he did it in two days.  I love it because  their is factual information that goes along with every scene.

There is a whole series of these that we may have to look more closely at.

Then a wonderful package arrived in the mail yesterday with sticker books for each boy.  Lots of thanks to Grammy and Grampy!  The boys are loving them.

Plus we have a little elf/jester now living in our house!


Their attention to detail is improving every day!

a funny

boys are playing upstairs

I'm in the kitchen cooking --I can hear all that goes on in the hallway from where I am

boys going back and forth to one another's room

knock , knock

"what's the secret password" William shouts

"mango smoothie" Landon replies
door opens and shuts and play continues

lots of banging

I yell up to make sure everything is all right and ask Will to open the door

William says I don't know the secret password so he 's never opening the door

Oh, really, is it MANGO SMOOTHIE

the utter shock on his face was too good not to laugh

"How did you know Mama?'' he asks

Mama is all knowing I say with  a smile....

Easter "Apple" Hunt

Yes, instead of hunting for eggs and candy we went to our favorite orchard this past Saturday and hunted for apples.  It was bitter cold for April but the boys had a great time.  Tons of kids, 10,000 apples.  And if they happened to gather ones with stickers they did get a few treats.


They rode a horse drawn carriage whose horses had the names of some of their favorite cartoon characters. (Tom and Jerry)

And pictures with the Easter Bunny!  A first for William. He has never been a fan of over sized bunnies.

A fun family day.

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