my cake bosses

The other day when it was our anniversary the boys wanted to make cakes for us. They spent the morning playing with playdough and ended with these cute results. Notice the two bears, they are Eric and I, plus Landon added our initials to his cake.

pool side

After cooling off, I take cover in the shade and alternate between reading and knitting.

This week I have started a new knitting project. Making a cute little toy cat for a baby's first birthday. 

I picked this book up at the library and it has been a good read. Short chapters that give some good advice on what we can do to make our children's lives fuller.

the creative mind of a 6 year old

His log cabin fort.

 A rocket ship to the moon.

 Which he squished himself into.

 Fort Landon

Oh, how he loves to come up with these ideas.

June 27

Today Eric and I celebrate our 15thwedding anniversary.  At one point many moons ago I had grand ideas of us sneaking away for a night or two.  Our current season of life doesn't allow for that.

However, I began thinking do we really need to "do" something to make it special. I celebrate  our marriage every day. I wake up next to my best friend every morning and I fall asleep hearing the steady rhythm of his breath. I share my days with the two amazing children we created with our love. In every moment I know that I am supported and respected.

We have grown over the past 15 years and learned much. We haven't been without our trials.  But through it all we both knew that there was a reason we chose to be together and that it would be always and forever no matter what. I am grateful for the life we have shared so far and look forward to our future years. I know thay are going to be wonderful, as long as we are hand in hand.

Happy Anniversary, E. I love you.

season endings

Our soccer and baseball seasons have ended. 

The boys were excited to spend one last gathering with their teammates and each received a trophy for their efforts. 


We went to my sisters house for a party for my niece. The boys had a great time playing with their older cousins. Plus they got to see some second cousins they don't see very often. It was a fun filled day. 

My sister was sweet to remember Eric's birthday. I had nothing to do with it and it was a neat surprise.

Much of my family lives far away. I am glad that we can visit with my sister pretty regularly.

sleepless nights and a giveaway

Landon has been having a hard time sleeping on his own over the past several months and during the past few weeks it has gotten worse.  He needs one of us to be near him in order to fall asleep, then wakes several times during night to give us a hug. After the second time I usually end up sleeping with him.  Either in his bed or he joins us in our bed. I used to be able to sleep pretty good but lately it has been hard. I am waking up so tired. SO much so that the other day in fact I slept until 10:30.  I was shocked. How could I manage that with two boys who need their Mama. Well, when they are really left to their own they manage just fine. Will was able to get cereal for both of them. They read through our huge basket of books. They watched a show through Netflix, and they played lots of Uno.  I came downstairs and Will said "go back up". They were just fine. Oh, how we worry too much that they always need us. What I discovered is that I really needed sleep.

I am also reminding myself daily that it is a season that Landon is going through and one day he will not want to snuggle and be right. next. to. me. Bask in it while I can. When he rolls over in the morning with a huge smile, a full body hug and the words- "I will never forget you." I can do without a good nights sleep.

I have been reading like crazy lately. Not much creating.  Instead heading up at night to cool off in our air conditioned bedroom and read. Lots of books on parenting , inspiration and life.  Cleaning off my shelves and that is what I have to share with one of you. Listening to Nature by Joseph Cornell. He is the author of Sharing Nature with Children. This book is for adults. It has 30 separate entries to read as inspiration and a wonderful photograph with quotes to go along with it. It is a nice book.  If you would like a chance to win, please leave a comment below by Monday night. I will chose a winner on Tuesday. 

Thanks for listening.

Daddy's Day

There were shows performed just for Dad.
Present giving.
Outings to play.
Ice cream to celebrate.
Homemade dinner with just us.
A great day for a wonderful man.


Today will be a day of celebrating one very special man. Not exactly sure what will be happening as he  likes things quiet.  The boys have a few things up their sleeves.

I am just grateful we get to spend the day with him and that I have been lucky enough to share his life.

Happy Birthday, E.

welcome summer

These are our days of summer.  Days spent being carefree, swimming, playing and relaxing.

The way childhood was meant to be.

dangerously good

I came across Pioneer Woman's cookbook at the library last week.  I love how she has every recipe in pictures step by step. I am a very visual person. It is only a 2 week check out so we have been busy trying lots of her yummy food. 

The mozzarella sticks were so easy and the boys loved them. Landon begged me to make more right after we finished all the ones we had. Eric and I ate the brie stuffed mushrooms. I also have made sloppy joe's, and chicken parmesan.  So far we are 4 for 4.  However, she is cooking for cowboys who are riding horses, roping cattle and burning calories like crazy.

Any room for a horse in our back yard????

saying goodbye

We spent the morning yesterday playing with one of our very good friends for the last time for a long while. They are moving to Indiana. It was the first time the boys had to say goodbye to a friend of theirs.  We said we would write and keep it touch.  Liesbeth, mom, is a dear friend to me and her oldest, David is William's oldest friend. We met in a parent -toddler class right after the boys turned one.  We always have such good times when we are together.  We will miss them dearly and wish them all a safe trip and a great start in a new place.

Father's Day

Yesterday it was Eric's choice to do whatever. To my surprise he chose a hike.  We went to a nearby park but somewhere we had never hiked up. We always drove to the top just to get a look at the view.

I was surprised at how quickly we made it to the top. The boys just love being in the woods.  We went through meadows, scaled rock walls and looked out over cliffs.  They have such a wonderful imagination.
Once we got to the top we happened upon a re-dedication to the Civil War monument that was at the top. The boys have always wanted to go check it out but they had been working on it for a long time so every time we drove up it was closed. This was just so perfect and so unplanned. I love how things work out like that sometimes. Being that Eric is huge history buff, it was great.  We stayed to watch and then headed back down the mountain-more like hill.

We spent the afternoon at home relaxing and making snacks. Then ended the day with a bonfire.

We are thankful we have Eric in our life and the boys have such an amazing father to help guide them through their life.

into the city

We rode our bikes into the local city this afternoon for the festival that began today! It was a great ride and we were able to see a few shows.

The festival will be in town for the next two weeks and we are planning on taking advantage of all the great activities going on.
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