busy busy days

Hello All,

We have been very active and super excited as we are headed South for a month. Feeling a bit like little birdies that migrate we are getting all our things together.

Been running around doing errands, taking care that the house is in order, that the freezer is stocked full of home cooked meals. Sadly, Eric has to remain at home and continue working. Although he will join us for Thanksgiving.

So where are we going. To visit Grammy and Grampy, and then a stop to visit Grandma.

So many people (or I should say strangers, those who don't understand our homeschooling life) have given me the quizzical look when the boys mention that we will be gone for a month.

That is what is so great about this life. We can pick up and go. Just like that. Spend our days with family. Doing the important stuff.

Oh, but we do have plans. Plans for fishing, building and experimenting. Plans for swimming, boogie boarding,and hiking. Plans for enjoying every minute with Grammies and Grampy! This is what we will remember. This it the important stuff that life is made of!

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  1. Only a month? Couldn't you stay longer? Love, XXXOOO


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