sweet and simple

I said we were going to keep it simple this year.  I always say that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  The boys had plans to buy all sorts of things but with my gentle persuasion we kept it simple. Instead they made coupons for Daddy.   Which were perfect.  I made them each a small notebook. And everyone made their own cards. Even Eric. Which was an awesome sight for me to see. We both sat in silence as we created side by side Monday night.  My heart was filled with so much love for this man.  He sat and colored an "original" card for each of  the boys. He has never been big on creating art, I've always known this. Something about an unimpressive art teacher when he was little. Phooey to her.  Yesterday morning the boys were very impressed to have a card made by Dad. 
Every day I love this man more and more.


  1. How wonderful, I am sure your boys will treasure those cards forever.

    Swwet and simple is really the best!

  2. What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing it with us. Love that man too and his lovely, precious wife and your perfect children. Love to all, XXXOOO


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