time to be

Our summer days have gotten into their own little rhythm. We have all been slow to rise and then our morning just goes without much of a plan. Games, reading, lots of time to play and use their imagination. Some mornings there have been comments such as "I'm bored".  Well, go find something to do among our many activities we have in this house or its O.K. to be bored.

We go to the pool most afternoons. The other day the boys were excited to see a friend of theirs, however he was not able to play. He had a swim lesson , then tennis lesson and then another swim lesson.  The boys made a comment on how busy he was. It was a great chance to remind the boys that busy is not always good. That people, children especially, need time to decide for themselves what they would like to do.

I am glad that I have kept our schedule open and free.

Time for us all to "just be" and "be bored"


  1. Yes, exactly what summer should be :) Enjoy!

  2. Love it! But we're dealing with the opposite thing here - my kids tired of sitting and relaxing and wanting to do do do and take me here and let's explore this and that and the other thing. :) It seems like whenever we find middle ground and get comfortable in it...middle ground MOVES. Enjoy your summer!

  3. What a lovely summer for the boys to be boys and all the fun there is in that. Bored? Never. Just in between fun things to do. Bored, write to Grampy and Grammy. Tell us about the books you are reading, the Playmobile set up, how many times you jumped off the diving board into the pool, what crafts you have created, songs you have sung, jokes you have told, pictures you have drawn, board games you have played, lunches you have prepared... Grammy wants to hear all!!! Love to all on a great summer day. XXXOOO

  4. Great post! Sounds alot like our days here! Wish we lived closer to we could get our littles together. I have a feeling they'd have a blast (and so would we)! :)


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