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 As I was sorting out my files on the computer this week I found this essay I wrote several years ago. I thought I would share it here. It was a great reminder to me what I have always wanted from our homeschooling, although I tend to get caught up now and again in what maybe we should be doing. I am planning on keeping this posted where I can see it every day!

It’s May. Once upon a time I used to count the days down until mid June. I was teaching first grade in public school.
It’s May.  I’m still teaching but to a different audience and thinking “How cool have the past few months been.” Why? I have two boys and I suppose we began our first “official” year of home schooling. They are only 4 1/2 and 2.
However, every time we would go anywhere I would get asked the same question. Where does William go to nursery school? My answer: He’s homeschooled. So hence the next question: Do you follow a curriculum? My answer: Yes, PLAY, ART, FUN.  Sure enough they give me a look of surprise. Yet, I am confident with my answer.
I taught preschool and remember the days of trying to get 10 kids to sit and listen to a story without interruptions. Or trying to get them interested in apples, pumpkins, eggs, flowers, etc. because that was the time of year it was and it was in the curriculum. It could be very frustrating for both me and the child.  The best parts of the day would be the unstructured play. Watching the eyes of a child light up because they discovered something all by themselves was so rewarding. That was why I loved teaching.
Every morning I wake up grateful for the decision my husband and I made. Being a stay at home mom has been everything I wanted and it was only natural that we homeschooled.
Each day is a new beginning and holds a new adventure. It amazes me what William and Landon have learned without a set curriculum. There are times I think maybe I should be doing more. Maybe I should set a daily schedule and follow exactly. Maybe we should be meeting regularly with other kids. Maybe I should sign us up for something every day. Maybe.
Then I stop, take a breath and just listen to William talk. He talks to adults with ease. He talks to people wherever we go. He talks to kids he just met on the playground. He talks to daddy all evening about our day. He talks to Grandma, Grammy, and Grampy on the phone. He talks and talks. What does he talk about? Things that we have done, things we have learned, things we saw in books, things we want to learn about. I sigh, and reassure myself that what we are doing is the right thing for us. 


  1. How right you are. You are doing a wonderful job of teaching, loving and raising the children and we are very grateful for all you do. Love all of you dearly. XXXOOO

  2. Great post! I recently talked to a homeschool mom who said she and her husband wrote our their "why we homeschool" and every year in September, they sit down the kids and read it to them, to remind the entire family WHY they are doing it. I thought that was a great idea, because while sometimes it all makes sense to us, sometimes the kids need to hear "THIS is why we decided to do this. Isn't it awesome?!"

  3. Such a lovely post, thanks so much for sharing it. My little guy is three and we are "homeschooling". And I say that very lightly, because like you we follow the PLAY, ART, FUN route and love it!!! I do wonder how my type A personality will deal with the what "should we" be doing and learning, but I am so far enjoying the relaxed way we are moving into it, so I just might be okay :)

    I think I will be writing myself a little letter about why we are choosing this route and keep it as a reminder. Thanks for the idea.


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