odds and ends
thoughts that have crossed my mind
each one not enough for its own post
but giving you a small glimpse 
 into this daily life of ours 
*This little man knows just how much he is loved by his big brothers*

*The big boys are playing golf and soccer this summer*

*They just finished attending a full week of adventure camp where they hiked, golfed, ice skated, kayaked, swam, surfed, and had and awesome time. I wish I could have gone.*

* I thought we had escaped the hot weather by living surrounded by trees. The house does not get too hot but being outside we are getting eaten up by bugs. So currently our days are spent playing inside, with lots of games and art activities.*

*Harkin is rolling over and over*

* My favorite time of day right now is early mornings when the tiny bug(Harkin) wakes up and likes to talk to his Mama and Daddy is the sweetest little voice*

*Wonder every day how time goes by so quickly and trying my best to enjoy every moment*

*Making our own popsicles*

*Laughing at Jax, when he gets his own dogsicle( an ice cube). He thinks they are the grandest things.*

1 comment:

  1. He's not heavy, he's my brother. Love the picture, love the boys. Love you and thanks for sharing. And we love their father too! XXXOOO


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