ringing in the new year

In hopes of making new years special and memorable we decided to start something new. Fondue! Eric and I used to have big fondue parties: pre-kids. We figured the big boys were ready. Harkin just sat along and watched, while nibbling apple and bread. The boys really enjoyed to their surprise. It was fun and different.

Once full we began and all evening game of Risk. This is William's new favorite game. I think one of the reasons being that Eric played it when he was young. We finished up around 10:30.

The boys were determined to make it to 12:00. So we gave them a little sparkling cider- give them a bit of a sugar rush, watched a few shows and then the countdown began. The last 1/2 hour seemed to go slowly but they made it! (note:: Harkin was fast asleep by then)

They we so excited to be up and ringing in the new year!! I think Landon was asleep before we even left his room, however. There were late risers the next day and then just a very slow day. Mama was wee bit cranky- I do not do well staying up so late and then waking several times during the night for Harkin. So it was good that there was not much on the agenda. Just a day at home, with naps for all.

It was a fun memory for the boys. One that they will want to continue for a few more years I hope, before they want to do their own thing.

Happy 2014!

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  1. Happy New Year. How wonderful of you to make it special for the whole family. If I didn't see the clock with the boys at 12:00 I wouldn't believe they could stay up that late. It wasn't 12:00 noon was it? Only kidding. Big milestone for them and us. Another year gone by. Best wishes for 2014 being the best yet. Love to all, XXXOOO


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