Landon turned 8 earlier this month. We had a low key day filled with family fun and love. Opened presents, shot some arrows, ate homemade ice cream cake and watched a movie. Best of all we got to hang with a really cool 8 year old. So sweet and compassionate, filled with awe and excitement.
My little guy is growing up.


  1. My apologies for being so late with these birthday wishes! I am so behind on blogs (and feel just terribly about it)! Our days have been so busy and so full that it's almost a miracle I have been able to post on our blog each day!

    Happy belated birthday to Landon! What a fabulous way to celebrate his eighth trip around the sun! Grace will be joining him as an eight year old this July! Can't believe how fast these (almost) eight years have flown by! Love the cape and the picture of him shooting his bow! That one is just gorgeous! May his next trip around the sun be his best, most fun, yet! xo

  2. This seems impossible. Happy belated 8th Birthday to Landon.

  3. Happy Birthday dearest Landon. 8 is a glorious age, enjoy every minute! Love, XXXOOO


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