The boys waited all of June to go strawberry picking- the season starts much later up here and is pretty short. They were so excited for Harkin to go, they figured he was going to want to eat all of the strawberries. He pretty much did, but he would take a bite out of one and then put it back and then take another one. He kept doing this over and over. We had to watch our baskets carefully. At one point he ventured off by himself, the boys wondered where he was. You can see the picture of them pointing to where he was in the field. As the sun grew hotter and our containers were overflowing, Harkin grew tired and we headed for home.

This was my first time making strawberry jam. The boys said it was the best and we ended up with 17 jars, so hoping it can make it through the year. We also had strawberries just to eat and to bake with, and we may even go one more time. We'll see.

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  1. What a delight to eat strawberries off the vine. Great day. Love, XXXOOO


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