nine times around the sun

Landon turned 9 years old last week! I am in awe that he is so big. It always seemed to me that he was going to be my little guy. Not so anymore. He is growing into such a sweet loving young man.

He has been dying to go rollerblading. Luckily a brand new skating rink opened not too far away. We headed there in the morning and being a week day, pretty much had the place to ourselves. All the boys had a great time. I was able to skate for a little bit, but Issabelle wasn't too happy with all the lights and the music. She just wanted Mama to hold her. But I had fun watching everyone.

We came home to relax, open presents and bee-bee shoot. That is what my young man wanted.
Daddy made dinner- burgers, french fries, and Cesar salad. And of course the cake. Shortcake with cream and blueberries. We don't stray too much from the regular.
Then a movie to top off the day.

It was a grand day. Wishing my sweet boy a wonderful year of being nine!


  1. Happiest of days to him!! Hope his next trip around the sun is filled with amazing things.

  2. Oh my goodness, nine already?! Though I really shouldn't be surprised as Grace turns nine this coming July! Looks like a perfect way to celebrate another trip around the sun! May the next one be his best yet! xo

  3. Happy Birthday Landon! Birthdays make the best family memories.

  4. Happy Birthday Landon, you are our favorite nine year old. XXXOOO


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