18 month photo shooot

18 months! Time is flying by and we are loving every minute of watching this little lady grow. She is so funny and right now trying to be so very independent. But will come running back to Mama, Daddy or one of her brothers when needing a hug.

She mimics everything we say and do and wants to try all that her brothers can do. She is talking so much and understands all that we say. Most of her teeth are in. Sleep is a funny thing. Nursing is going strong. Hair is wild and crazy. Bangs her head  a lot. Has a a few tricks up her sleeve- like locking herself in the bedroom. Gave us all a scare but Daddy got her out.  Loves doggies and broccoli :) She'll rough and tumble with the boys and then be all sweet and cuddly.

Simply love and joy!!

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