the daily note

I was on the ball this year and we decorated the house December 1st. I wanted to try something new, which I had been wanting to do for awhile now. We have these little tomton figures from my sister in law. Each day they leave a card which gives us an idea to do for that day. 

The first one was to go visit the train display which they only open a few times a year. I took Harkin and Issabelle last year but his time Landon joined us and they all thought it was fun. Will would have come if he wasn't off working!(another post).

We have been having fun so far. Our ideas this week were: give lots of hugs today, play Christmas music all day long, get hot coca, and read a Christmas book every hour. They all look forward to seeing what the day holds and hopefully I can come up with enough ideas to last the whole month.

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  1. Wonderful idea. Trains are so engaging. Love the focus of the children. Enjoy the season. XXXOOO


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