and away we go

Our first big family trip in 3 years. This was huge since we were flying across the country to CA.  It was the first time the two little ones flew on a plane and over 10 years since the other two had. Everyone was SO excited.

However, the night we went to leave our flight was delayed to high winds and we were not going to make our next flight. After waiting all day to get on the plane there was a bit disappointment but we were at least able to come home and sleep in our own beds. Then we headed out the next day for a long day of travels. We were up at 4:00 am and didn't go to sleep until 12:00 am east coast time. Crazy day!

We were happy to just hang out and relax our first few days. There was swimming and playing to be done.

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  1. Glad to see you made it safely. Palm trees and a "nephew". Love the pictures. All look great. Just need one of you Rose. XXXOOO


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