it pays to be late

So it is the end of October and were heading to get our pumpkins somewhere. We found a cute little farm stand/orchard that had a nice selection and then they still were picking apples. The kids were thrilled as I thought we had missed them. We went out to the orchard  and had it to ourselves. Everyone had fun picking apples and then climbing up on a stump obstacle. Once we got back the woman was so nice and gave the kids hot apple cider, plus a small white pumpkin each for free, a watermelon, and a funky green pumpkin. Plus that huge bag of apples and 4 giant pumpkins. . It only cost us 20.00 which the big boys couldn't get over. It was their last weekend and she was trying to get rid of most of their stuff I guess. We had a great time and made a for a wonderful fall afternoon.

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  1. What a great afternoon! Enjoy the good pickings. XXXOOO


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