hearts 4 & 5 :: watercolor painting

We've been using watercolors the past two days. 

We took coffee filters and cut them out into the shape of hearts and then just gently painted on them with the watercolors.

We took watercolor paper, stuck heart stickers all over the page and then painted whatever we felt inclined to. Once dry, we removed the stickers and had a very neat picture with heart shapes.

William then proceeded to just paint some more pictures. It was a great morning of color. He has always loved to paint. As we have become more busy or concerned with other subjects I have let the creating time slide. One of my many goals is to try my best to have time for creating every day. These moments are some of the best we have with one another. It is peaceful and we talk and their ideas are wonderful. I am more relaxed and less stressed as well. So it's good all around. Plus we have beautiful pictures for our walls.

One problem I am finding though is how to hang them.  The boys don't want thumbtacks because it makes holes, but masking tape won't stay. Any suggestions???


  1. We did the heart stickers with water colour last week and loved it.

    How about some string attached at both ends to the wall and then clothes pegs to hold the art on. You can switch out the art with the seasons. You could also take it one step further and put a magnetic strip on the wall and get some of those magnetic clips to hold the art work. Hope that helps.

    PS Reece wants to make your heart bird feeders tomorrow :)

  2. I use the blue painters tape all the time. It works to hang my heavy wall map and won't take the paint or finish off your walls!

  3. Hi Rose! I just bought some of that sticky gummy stuff for hanging posters and it works wonders!

  4. Just wanted to say that I love that the boys painted hearts and such happy designs. A testament to their feelings. Helena

  5. Also, been thinking about you a lot lately. Hope everything goes well with the birth of the baby. Can't wait for his introduction!

  6. We hang things quite often with clothespins (the hinged kind) works well!


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