feeling blessed

Today was a good day. It was busy but relaxed.  We spent time with friends at the playground, showered ourselves with the water, created paper chains, read, enjoyed writing our names in a new way. Just lived.

I babysit several kids. Today the house was filled with three extra little bodies.  They are really sweet children and the boys enjoy their company.

As I sit down to take a few minutes to myself and relax I am grateful for the day. For the fact that I am able to be home with the boys full time.  Has it been easy financially? Not always, hence the extra kids.  But would I ever go back to "work".  Many have asked me this question over and over.  NEVER.   My career goal in life was to be a mother.  I am happy just being that.  

I just can't wrap my mind around them spending their days anywhere else.  There are the occasional programs that Will has participated in. Those days are long for me.  I miss him.  

Now, I 'm not saying that every day is easy as pie.  But we work through those times and the next day is a fresh start.

The fact that we get to spend days just living and learning in all that we do makes my life totally fulfilled.

I have this amazing husband and two children that are special in every way.

I am a very blessed woman. 

So, like I said,  

It was a good day!

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  1. Hoping you have more good days than not. You have captured the real important things in life. I love all you do. XXX000


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