that whole pink thing

Everyone keeps telling me how I need to get used to pink. If you know me at all you know that I am not a pink person. I really don't feel the need to get too many new things since this baby will be born around the same time frame that Harkin was so his clothes will fit her. Um, and we live in northern Vt, where in January it is very cold, so she'll be needing to be snugly warm in one pieces anyways. As she gets older I am sure I will dress her in dresses. I already have about 6 patterns picked out to knit, and I still want to learn to sew. But back to the whole pink thing, I will be grateful for any hand me downs I am sure, but it still isn't my first choice. So trying to get into the mood I picked these cute little socks up at the consignment store for 50 cents. William says they are really red, but they do have a tinge of pink I think. You can't really tell by the photo. But they are more girly than anything we have here, so that's a start I suppose.


  1. Think pink. Booties are adorable. Grammy is on the look out for non-pink girlie things. Can't wait to meet the newest Paulson. Think Pink. XXXOOO

  2. Oh my gosh, Rose, I totally missed your initial announcement (and had to scroll down till I found it)! Congratulations my friend! I always wanted four kids (live my dream for me)! I hope that you are feeling well, and am looking forward to seeing pictures of your sweet baby girl when she arrives! Pink is fun but if it's not your thing purple is always lovely too! xo

    1. Thanks Shel. We are very excited, it seems to be going by very fast.

  3. I am so behind on writing and reading. I feel like I never catch up.
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so happy for you and your Family. We are expecting number three, but not finding out the gender. I am 22 weeks along and due at the end of January. We are SO excited. I hope you are feeling great. Thinking of you and your Family. xoxo


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