a quick hello

Just wanted to say hello.
We have been spending our mornings at home taking it easy.
Our afternoons in pools.
It is soooo nice to have friends and sisters with pools.
Especially when it is 100* outside and 90* inside, yes, our little old house is so very HOT!

Some big things: Will and Lan rode a pony this week.
Will can touch the bottom of the deep end, and do flips off the diving board.
Landon can jump off the diving board and swim by himself.

And, I have sweated off 5 pounds.........
See you soon.

1 comment:

  1. Pony rides, deep ends, flips and jumps. Unbelievable! Wouldn't Grammy love to see all that. So where are the pictures? LOL. Love to all the water logged lads. XXXOOO


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