a beautiful day

Today we spent yet another day outside, at a farm, with animals and friends.  I seem to be setting up quite a bit of activities lately that involve animals.  The boys haven't tired of these dear ones; don't think that I really tire of them either. 

I can live vicariously through these programs.  You see in my own mind I picture us having our own little farm one day.  Although I don't think that will actually happen.  The land part is where our goal is at the moment.  Animals would be the icing on the cake.  We'll see how it all pans out one day.

As for today, we toured this beautiful farm.

 We then experimented with washing fleece,
 carding it,
 and spinning it into a piece of yarn.
It was a wonderful day with a huge group of amazing people.

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  1. Love the "class picture" and love you dream. Love, XXXOOO


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