This morning we spent an hour and half at the skateboard park. Tricks and jumps. No falls or bruises.

We come home to eat lunch. Landon trips, falls and hits his face on our skate ramp. No skateboard was involved.

After catching my breath, soaking up all the blood, there was a lot of blood, mama called the doctor and the doctor said  "No more jumping.......
No seriously,  we had to go to the ER due to the cut being on his face.  

He received three stitches and did extremely well, didn't shed one tear until he was told he had to miss soccer for a week.  Somehow we'll survive that.

Big brother also did extremely well. Very concerned about his brother and even cried himself because he was sad for Landon.  

After 4+ hours we made it home, finally ate some food (we missed lunch) and are asleep in our beds for now.


  1. It is never the big things....always the small things that send them to the ER. Hope he sleeps well tonight.

  2. Grammy's remedy? A big bowl of ice cream. Cures many ills. Big kisses to all. Landon compare your scar to Daddy's. Whose is bigger? Love to all, XXXOOO

  3. Awww, Ouch! Welcome to the ER club.. Hope he feel better soon.

  4. oof.

    well - I for one am glad it was a walking thing, kids don't need anymore "I told you that was dangerous!!" 's from people. :)
    (climbing trees, riding bikes, skateboarding, jumping on trampolines...)

    But I am terribly sorry he got hurt!!
    And sorry about the soccer thing.


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