creating, inventing and experimenting

Some mornings we wake up and their are just so many ideas swarming through our heads.  This particular morning Landon had his mind set to construct and invent with his ideas.  If stuff fell over or didn't stay together, Landon would say "That's O.K. because we are experimenting." 

William also joined in on the inventing.  The results........
 Will's restaurant

 Landon's car

Landon's hotel and restaurant

Two hours just flew by as we spent focused on this activity.  The best part was that we didn't have to stop and clean up because it was time to move on to a new subject.  They could follow their own interests for as long as they were able.  I am learning everyday to let go more and to see what happens when we just live and enjoy being us.

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  1. love the concept and creations. What are in the jars on the window sill? Love to all. Only 4 more days! Love, XXXOOO


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