Landon Writes a Book

Several weeks ago, the boys and I were reading all of Eric Carle's books and doing a little activity to go with each book.  I will possibly share our author study activities one day.

We had read The Tiny Seed and then sponge painted our own pictures.  As they were drying Landon told me he wanted to write a book to go with the pictures..sure I said.

We sat down the next day or two with the pictures in the order he wanted and dictated his story.

Right now he is loving Knights and the Medieval times.  He has taken tons of books from the library and will sit for a very long time absorbing the pictures discovering things. 

This is where his inspiration came from.

Be warned: The story starts off so very sweet and the ending is rather abrupt and not so nice.  I tried my best to persuade him to change it, but this 4 year old is extremely stubborn.   

I suppose I wouldn't be a very good editor.


  1. A New York Times best seller if I ever read one. Great job Landon! Yeah for the good guy knight's team. I love the yellow a daisy lion flower. Love XXXOOO

  2. I have a book writer, too. I love that! :)


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