in the house

I tell my boys every day that we must go outside and play. Yep. I the mean mom who makes their kids have fun outdoors rather than being cooped up inside.  (William actually tried to argue this point once.)

Anyways, today was a surprise.  We stayed inside all day, in our pajamas no less.  It wasn't cold. We aren't sick.  We just got busy and never changed or felt it necessary to go outside.  Well, I went out a few times to get wood- but still in my pajamas.

What were we doing?

Making a quick last minute gift for our neighbors.
I love these, they are recycled jelly jars filled with collected Florida acorns and a small votive.

 Creating a hotel for the animals.
 Gingerbread houses-  we made the dough from scratch and used a cookie cutter kit I had bought.  They came out awesome. So much easier to put together  than last years.  The homemade icing was just like glue.


I have been a bit sporadic lately with my postings. Not intentionally, but I guess I just needed a break from blogging.  Hoping that it will change and I will get back into the swing of things once the holdidays are over.  Wishing everyone a happy weekend!


  1. The Gingerbread houses look wonderful during construction and after. Have they been eaten yet? You do such great things with the children, making memories and learning all at once. Yeah for you and yours. Love, XXXOOO


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