Hello, yes I am still here. I just took a week off.  Wasn't really intending to.  It just sorta happened.
It was a rather busy week and I just wanted to relax at night and couldn't really think of much to say.  So I'll fill you in on what it's been like.

First, we returned home last Saturday from Florida after two wonderful weeks with my in-laws.  They really make it so pleasant for us(especially me- they get all the attention from the boys, and I get lots of time to read and knit).
The drive went well, boys slept or listened to books on CD mostly.  We took the scenic route this time and it was much more peaceful of a drive.  Eric was still exhausted though, as he does most of the driving.

Sunday we all slept until 9:30-- a first ever!  Then the day was spent unpacking, organizing and shopping for food.  

Monday we were out of the house making up a pottery class we missed and playing with friends.

Tuesday was a home day crafting gifts for friends.

Wednesday was out again- first at a classical music concert at Yale, which was very nice. The boys loved the huge organ.  Then off to our last pottery class.  Home for a bit and then back out for William's Rain Gutter Regatta for boy scouts.  He was extremely proud of his boat this year.  He even won a few races.

Thursday was home in the morning and then out to our monthly art class.  This is one of their favorite classes. I love the location.  They really enjoy all the activities they do and always come home with some beautiful paintings.  After a quiet drive home we had a quick bite to eat and then had to go out again for soccer.  Whew...

Friday came and we had nothing to do.  I slept late. They played and snuggled together.  T.V. was watched.  Bread, granola, and muffins were made.  We just relaxed and tried to clean up a bit.  Things are getting a bit cluttered around here.

And today I once again got to sleep in, thanks to my sweet, sweet husband.  I've been feeling rather tired lately.  Not sure if my body is trying to get used to the cold. Going from 80* to 25* is a drastic change. Or it could be that I feel like I have all these things to do.  Chores, cooking and such.  Two weeks off might have done me in. 

But once I was up and moving we spent a nice family day.  Went and chopped down our tree, ate lunch out at our new favorite place, rested, played games,  went to see The Fantasy of Lights and ate some pretty yummy cannolis to top it all off.  

I am looking forward to some time where we can just hang out, bake, craft and play. 


  1. Welcome back! What a busy and fun filled week you had! Sounds like a blast though, and the perfect way to return after two amazing weeks in Florida!

  2. We miss all of you terribly! Why not turn around and come back down, you can read and knit and we can play with and read to the children. We loved every minute. The only thing wrong was the visit was too short. Thanks again for making it such a wonderful 2 weeks. Love, XXXOOO


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