too quiet

The boys decided to try out a vacation camp this week. So that left Harkin, Jaxson and I to hang out. We walked. We wandered. We cleaned. We rested. We played some. My days were good but it was too quiet without the boys. I was always looking over my shoulder for them. 

I also could not do the morning routine every day. Just getting everyone up and out of the house is crazy. We like our slow mornings around here. The boys have had fun and met some local kids.

Now we are heading into a fun filled weekend with a visit from my brother and sister-in-law. All the way from California!


  1. Harkin is getting so big. Enjoy the visit with your brother and sister in law.

  2. Funny how quiet things can be when someone is missing. Makes you realize how much lovely wonderful noise they add to your life! :) Enjoy your visit!

  3. I too will miss our relaxing mornings once school starts again. It is so nice when we get to start the day off slowly.
    Harkin is so cute.
    PS I love the birth announcement. Thanks for sending one our way.

  4. Harkin is adorable. Hope you enjoyed the weekend with family. Love to all, XXXOOO


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