2 months

Harkin is 2 months old already! (last wednesday, 4-24)

some things about this sweet miracle

12lbs 6 oz. and 24 inches long

laughing, cooing and smiling all the time
turns his head when he hears your voice
recognizes everyone in our family
hangs out with his big brothers every morning in their room
loves when his brothers hold him and talk to him
is great to snuggle with
sleeps through lots of noise
wraps his sweet tiny fingers around my finger knowing I'm his Mama
kicks and wiggles his arms, almost rolling over sometimes
loves to fall asleep on Daddy's chest
holds is arms up in the air like he is cheering
enjoys taking showers with Dad
so comfortable in the ergo and sling, right next to mama's heart
sleeps a good 6 hour stretch most nights

is the most wonderful addition to our family


  1. Two months already?! Time sure has flown!

  2. Harkin is grand. My what accomplishments. Way to go boy. Keep up the good work. Your Grammy and Grampy are proud! XXXOOO


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