keepin' cool

Oh, we are making the best of what we got and enjoying the summer movement.  

Sleeping in later, cooking/baking before the heat rises, creating a bit and outside with water somehow, someway in the afternoon. 

We are extremely grateful we have friends and family that like to invite us over to swim in their pools. (although I thought the boys did a good job of making our own) In just the past week Will has learned to touch the bottom of the deep end and Landon is swimming half the width of the pool underwater. Both are so very proud of themselves.

Ah, summertime......


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that they made their own beach! Isn't it fabulous when the kids take what they have and make it into something else?!

  2. Great accomplishments. We are so very proud of both of you (and your parents). Keep up the amazing feats. Love, XXXOOO


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