A co-worker of Eric's invited us to their lake house for the weekend. Up here they call these homes "camps", so we went off to summer camp as a family. It was a nice weekend away and gave the boys an opportunity to learn how to water ski, knee board and tubing. I was so impressed with both of them for trying and actually doing it. They had the most amazing time.

And every time we went out on the boat, Harkin would fall fast asleep. The hum of the engine just put him right to sleep. He did get a chance to swim in the lake but wasn't overly thrilled with it.


  1. What a wonderful display of family play. I think all the pictures capture the fun. Love the looks are Harkin's face. William and Landon certainly are accomplished at water sports. Love seeing Eric with the baby, and you and Harkin make the perfect picture for a happy and contented mommy and baby. Love it all.xxxooo

  2. Looks like a wonderful time and a ton of fun!

  3. Hooray for 'family camp'. It looks like you all had so much fun playing together.


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