a day with no school

While most of the kids around here were headed back to school, we headed to the lake. It was a glorious day with some new friends. The boys played in the water all day and Harkin enjoyed getting off the blanket into the sand- did I tell you he was crawling?? 

Soaking up the last bits of summer before the weather begins the cool crispness of fall. Filling up our calendar with some field trips and regular meet-ups, ideas of projects and topics we want to learn about.

Life is good, oh so good.


  1. It does look like a darn good life :) Enjoy!

  2. Such a perfect Not-Back-To-School day! I love going swimming when everyone else is having their first day of school! I realized at the end of the day yesterday that we didn't go and ended up being really bummed about it. We'll surely go next year (and every year from now on)!

  3. What a grand way to spend the day. XXXOOO


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